GermZero removes bacteria, viruses and mold from virtually any surface for up to one year after it is applied.

GermZero System

GermZero is a long lasting antimicrobial coating, keeping areas free from bacteria, viruses, mold & odors for up to a year. Once applied you cannot see, feel or smell the antimicrobial shield while it continuously reduces the threat of infectious diseases.

Any Industry

The GermZero System is perfectly suited for reducing health threats in industries worldwide & in any situation. Providing safer facilities in travel, education, athletics & more. Sanitary facilities create safer environments for everyone involved.

Decreasing HAIs

The GermZero System is the most advanced set of products & protocols specifically designed to reduce the spread of infectious diseases & hospital acquired infection. By reducing overall costs, GermZero is able to assuage safety concerns.

We are working with HEN affiliated hospitals to improve patient care. We are so confident in our process, we will apply it for FREE to qualifying facilities. See & evaluate the difference yourself.


Bacteria on a GermZero treated surface



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